Kopuz Mahogany 3 Strings 34cm


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Kopuz Mahogany 3 Strings 34cm

It is a traditional Turkish kopuz instrument with a special design from the Saz brand, made for those who appreciate the history and unique sound of the kopuz.

It has high quality sound with its mahogany body. Spruce face was preferred for the warmest and highest tones. It was dried between 3-4 years. You can choose ebony or pelisander pegs. Since they are hardwoods, they are durable and will retain your tunings for a long time.

With carefully selected materials and meticulous workmanship, this kopuz mahogany instrument offers a warm and original tone that will fascinate both musicians and enthusiasts.


Body: Staved Mahogany
Neck: Sapele Mahogany / Long Neck
Face: Spruce
Bridge: Maple
Upper Nut: Ebony
Finish: Polyester Matte

Body Length: 34cm
Body Width: 20cm
Number of Strings: 3
Frets: 23


Pelisander or Ebony

Package Includes

Carrying Bag Soft Case
String Set

Tuning Recommendations

Baglama Order

1.String E
2. String A
3. String B

Kopuz Order

1.String E
2.String B
3.String D

Nesimi Order

1.String E
2.String B
3.String B

The tuning order is calculated as standard. Semitone low and treble differences can be seen.

It is arranged according to 0.20-0.30 string sizes.