Turkish Staved-Body Saz Mahogany


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Turkish Staved-Body Saz Mahogany

Specifically designed for professional musicians, meticulous attention was given to the selection of high-quality mahogany materials to provide exceptional sound performance. The neck and face are handcrafted and have been dried over a period of 4-5 years.

The addition of a keyboard to the front of the neck is intended to minimize wear on the neck. It is designed to accommodate additional equipment such as pickups and equalizers. It has been crafted with great precision from mahogany wood.

Body lengths are available in the range of 38 – 41cm, and long and short neck options are available. Custom orders for body lengths of 41cm and above are accommodated upon request

Model Staved-Body Saz
Face Spruce
Body Mahogany
Fingerboard Mahogany -Mother of Pearl Dots
Finish Gloss Polyester
Pegs Ebony
Body Lenght Between 38-42cm
Accessories Case, Pick, String
Note: Both Long and Short Neck options are avaliable