Turkish Saz Staved-Body Maple Thin Cut


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Turkish Saz Staved-Body Maple Thin Cut

Turkish Saz Staved-Body Maple Thin Cut is an instrument designed for professional musicians. Not only it excels with its acoustic tone, but it also delivers a clear tone when connected to a sound system and amplifier. Carefully selected high-quality materials have been used to achieve exceptional sound.

This model has been designed to accommodate additional equipment such as an under bridge pickup or equalizer. If desired, you can make sound adjustments using these additional accessories, allowing for a wider tonal range.

The model features a  sitka spruce face and a thin cut curly maple body. The hornbeam neck has been kiln-dried, and the back of neck is adorned with premium figured mahogany lacquer. The black fingerboard features mother of pearl dot details. The glossy polyester finish not only adds an elegant and vibrant appearance to the saz but also offers protection.

You can easily tune the instrument with ebony pegs. Known for its durability, this material ensures long-lasting use.

The body length of the saz varies between 38-42 cm. The package includes a soft case, a pick wallet, and a set of premium saz strings.

Both long and short neck options are available. Please specify your preference when placing your order.

This instrument has been designed to meet the needs of professional musicians. It boasts high sound quality and material quality. Whether in your stage performances or studio recordings, it will provide you with a clear and high-quality sound experience.

Model Staved-Body Saz
Face Sitka Spruce
Body Curly Maple – Thin Cut
Neck Hornbeam
Back of Neck: Premium Figured Mahogany Lacquer
Fingerboard Black wood and Mother of Pearl Dots.
Finish Polyester Glossy
Pegs Ebony
Body Length 38-42cm
Accessories Case, Pick, String
Note: Both Long and Short Neck options are avaliable