Turkish Electro Saz Maple Extra


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Turkish Electro Saz Maple Extra

It is a model that has won the appreciation of professional musicians and saz enthusiasts. It stands out with its aesthetic design and high performance.

The face is made of solid wood and has a special finish. The body is constructed from fine-sliced maple wood. The neck, made of hornbeam, is processed after being kiln-dried for durability. The back of the neck is adorned with clove-patterned lacquer, adding an elegant touch to the saz. The mother-of-pearl keyboard, with its ornate details, provides comfortable playability.

The glossy polyester finish not only adds shine and elegance to the saz but also protects it against impacts and wear. The ebony top nut is used to adjust the string height, while the elevating middle nut provides a smooth transition between different modes. You can easily tune your saz using either ebony or pelisander pegs

In addition, it features a 38 cm body length, 6 fixed strings, 6 strings, and 23 frets.

It comes equipped with a magnetic pickup system. The special magnetic pickup used in this instrument is the Artec HXBB.

The Artec HXBB magnetic pickup is known for its high-quality sound production and sensitivity. It accurately captures the subtleties and tonal qualities of the saz, providing a clear and balanced amplified sound.

There are 4 switches and 3 controls in the Electro Saz. The controls are designed to control 2 tones and 1 volume.


Volume Control: 1

Tone Control: 2

  1. Neck Pickup Tone
  2. Bridge Pickup Tone


  1. Neck Upper Pickup Switch
  2. Neck Lower Pickup Switch
  3. Bridge Upper Pickup Switch
  4. Bridge Lower Pickup Switch

This model is an excellent choice for professional musicians and saz enthusiasts looking for a high-quality instrument. With its aesthetic design, high performance, and rich sound, it appeals to anyone interested in playing the saz.

Model: Electro Saz
Face: It features a solid, intricately processed wood, providing an aesthetic appearance and rich tones.
Body: The body is made from fine-sliced Maple, and its detailed craftsmanship gives the saz a unique look.
Neck: The neck is made from hornbeam and has been kiln-dried for durability. Hornbeam wood ensures the saz’s longevity.
Back of the Neck: The back of the neck is adorned with clove-patterned lacquer
Fingerboard: An ornate mother-of-pearl keyboard is used, offering an attractive visual appearance and comfortable playability.
Finish: It is coated with a glossy polyester finish.
Pegs: Ebony or Pelisander pegs can be chosen according to your preference.
Upper Nut: It features an ebony top nut to adjust string height.
Nut: An elevating middle nut is used to facilitate smooth transitions between different modes. (Tunable Nut)
Body Length: 38 cm
Fixed Strings: 6 pieces
Number of Strings: 6 pieces
Frets: 23
Magnetic Pickup: It features an Artec HXBB magnetic pickup, providing electro features to the saz for amplification.
Accessories: The package includes a saz case, a set of strings, and picks


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Dimensions 15 × 35 × 38 cm