Staved-Body Saz Mulberry Pro. Fishman EQ

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Staved Body Saz Mulberry Pro. Fishman EQ

-We have carefully selected the body wood amongst materials that you can get high quality sound. The Neck and the Sound Board parts which we have produced by drying it every 4-5 years are handmade. The Body we have meticulously selected is made of Mulberry wood. Body Lenght is between 40-42cm and it is both manifactured as long neck and short neck. The Saz is RE cut.

-With its vibrant sound and soft playing, It is a Professional instrument with which you can practise music local to you.

-The instrument is made as a stage instrument and has Fishmann PSY201 Equalizer on it.

Model Staved Body
Face 1st Class Spruce Face
Body Staved Body Mulberry
Neck White Hornbeam
Fingerboard Mother of Pearl dots.
Polish Gloss Polyester
Pegs Ebony or Rosewood
Upper Nut Boxwood
Bridge Butterfly
Bottom Nut Boxwood
Body Length Is Between 39-42cm
Package Includes
1 Piece Delux Saz Case
1 Picks with Wallet
1 Set of Extra Saz String
Note: Long – Short Neck Option is Available. Please Specify In Your Order…