SAZ Staved Body Divan Saz Teber Mahogany Pro. 45cm Joyo EQ


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SAZ Staved Body Divan Saz Teber Mahogany Pro. 45cm

SAZ Staved Body Divan Saz Teber Mahogany Pro. 45cm is a staved mahogany teber divan saz designed to meet professional expectations. The neck and soundboard (face) are meticulously selected and crafted. It’s a professional divan saz that allows you to perform regional and tetrachordal works with its rich sound and smooth playability. It’s designed to be equipped with an under-saddle pickup or an equalizer.

Model is a long-necked meydan divan saz. The striped spruce face gives the saz a glossy and rich sound character. The mahogany body shapes the quality and character of the saz’s sound. The mahogany neck provides a sturdy structure and a good playing experience. Ebony fingerboard offers a durable and smooth surface.

The back of the neck is covered with juniper birdseye veneer, completing the saz’s aesthetic look and enhancing its durability. Ebony pegs allow for precise tuning adjustments. The top nut and middle nut are made of ebony. The top nut is an important factor affecting the transmission of sound and tone, while the middle nut helps control the vibrations of the sound.

The saz has a body length ranging from 45-47 cm. Polyester glossy varnish not only protects your saz but also enhances its visual appeal.

This teber divan saz model is designed to meet the needs of professional musicians. Crafted with high-quality materials and workmanship, it offers a long-lasting and high-quality instrument experience. The teber divan saz will accompany you with its characteristic sound in traditional music and various musical endeavors.

Model: Meydan Divan Saz with Long Neck
Soundboard: Striped Spruce
Body: Mahogany
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Ebony
Pegs: Ebony
Top Nut: Ebony
Middle Nut: Maple or Mahogany
Body Length: 45-47cm
Varnish: Glossy Polyester

Equalizer Details:

Joyo EQMP3V2 Connect it to your sound system, tune it, tone it, and then play along with the MP3 tracks you’ve loaded!
Can be mounted onto your preferred bağlama or saz. With the under-saddle mic, send a signal directly from the Jack output to your sound system, no need for separate microphone installation.
Quietly tune whenever you like thanks to the built-in tuner. The three-band EQ offers the finest tonal possibilities right at your fingertips.
It includes a built-in MP3 player. Plug in a USB device or insert an SD/TF card.
Press play and start accompanying the playing tracks with your own bağlama. Especially useful for solo musicians…

Equalizer Features:
Bass: 12dB ± at 75Hz
Mid: 12dB ± at 750Hz
Treble: 12dB ± at 10 KHz
Tuning Range: 0A (27.5Hz) – 8C (4186.01Hz) A4
Frequency: 440Hz SD card / USB input MP3 Player
Controls: Previous Track / Next Track / Pause / Play MP3 Volume Adjustment
Power: 9V, 6F22 (1)
Low Battery Light
Organic Glass Panel
Dimensions: 79 (L) x 49 (W) x 26 (H) mm

Tunning Recommendations / Bozuk Düzen
1.st Alternative
Lower String B / Si
Middle String E / Mi
Upper String A / La
2.nd Alternative
Lower String A# / La#
Middle String D# / Re#
Upper String G# / Sol#

Package Includes
Soft Case
Premium Saz Strings Set