Turkish Electro Saz Maple Guitar Tuners 8 Str.


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Turkish Electro Saz Maple Guitar Tuners 8 Str.

It is an electro saz model that attracts attention with its impressive appearance and wide tone range. It offers a special playing experience with its 8 strings and 4 rows arrangement.

The face is made of solid wood and is has black lacquer. With its body constructed from thin-sliced Maple wood, it has a distinctive appearance and a characteristic sound.

The neck, made from hornbeam, is processed after being kiln-dried for durability and is known for its longevity. The back of the neck is adorned with a black lacquer, adding a modern touch to the saz. The black fingerboard is designed for comfortable playability. You can make finer and durable tunings with guitar tuners.

The glossy polyester finish not only adds shine and elegance to the saz but also protects it against impacts and damage. The ebony top nut is used to produce clear and precise sounds in the high-frequency regions. The elevating middle nut provides an easy transition between different modes.

Among the other features of the Electro Saz Maple are a 38 cm body length, 8 fixes, 8 strings / 4 rows, and 23 frets.

It comes equipped with a magnetic pickup system. The special magnetic pickup used in this instrument is the Artec HXBB.

The Artec HXBB magnetic pickup is known for its high-quality sound production and sensitivity. It accurately captures the subtleties and tonal qualities of the saz, providing a clear and balanced amplified sound.

There are 4 switches and 3 controls in the Electro Saz. The controls are designed to control 2 tones and 1 volume.


  • Volume Control: 1
  • Tone Control: 2
  1. Neck Pickup Tone
  2. Bridge Pickup Tone


  1. Neck Upper Pickup Switch
  2. Neck Lower Pickup Switch
  3. Bridge Upper Pickup Switch
  4. Bridge Lower Pickup Switch

It is a high-performance instrument with a modern and stylish design that provides an excellent experience both for stage performances and studio recordings. It’s an ideal choice for professional musicians and beginners alike.

Model Electro Saz 8 Strings
Face Solid Wood – Black With Inlay
Body Thin Slice Curly Maple
Neck Hornbeam / Oven-Dried
Back of Neck Black Lacquer
Fingerboard Black
Finish Gloss Polyester
Tuners Guitar Tuners
Upper Nut Ebony
Nut Tuneable Nut
Body Length 38cm
Fix 8 pcs
Strings 8 pcs
Fret 23
Magnetic Artec Striped Magnetics
Accesuarry Case, String, Saz Pick with Wallet