Turkish Staved-Body Saz Mulberry


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Turkish Staved-Body Saz Mulberry
Body’s wood was chosen with care and we used materials that gives the highest quality vioce. Its face and neck were dried for 4 or 5 years and was made handmade. Front of the neck is mother of pearl fingerboard so abrasion is lowered to minimum. Its design enables it to being put under bridge pickup or equalizer. Body’s wood was chosen out of Mulberries carefully.We used materials that gives the highest quality .Body’s sizes are 38-41 cm and necks are manufactured as both short and long. We can make 42cm or longer with your order. Mulberries carefully
Model Staved-Body Saz
Face Spruce
Body Mulberry
Fingerboard Mulberry -Mother of Pearl Dots
Finish Gloss Polyester
Pegs Ebony
Up Nut Boxwood
Bottom Nut Boxwood
Body Length 38-42cm Between
Accessories Case, Pick, String
Note: Both Long and Short Neck options are avaliable