Syrian Oud Walnut-Mulberry Pro.

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Syrian Oud Walnut-Mulberry Pro.

It is an Oud model designed to meet the needs of professional musicians. The walnut-mulberry body and spruce face combination provide a rich and well-balanced sound. The mahogany neck and ebony or pelisander fingerboard enhance the playing experience while the boxwood or ebony nut increases the instrument’s durability.

The nut width is designed to be 3.8cm at the top and 5.8cm at the bottom of the neck, ensuring a comfortable grip and ease of playing. The scale length between two nuts is 61.5cm, allowing for accurate tuning.

With 12 strings, you can achieve the characteristic sound of the traditional Syrian oud. Polyester gloss finish enhances the instrument’s durability while presenting an appealing look. Ebony or pelisander pegs maintain stable tuning and ensure long-lasting use.

The Syrian Walnut-Mulberry Pro. Oud is meticulously designed to offer a high-performance oud experience and stands out for being 100% handcrafted. It’s an ideal choice for professional musicians

Face Spruce
Neck Mahogany
Fingerboard Ebony or Pelisander
Body Walnut-Mulberry
Bridge Walnut
Nut Ebony or Boxwood
Neck at Nut Width 3.8cm
Neck at Fingerboard Width 5.8cm
Neck Length 20.5cm
Body Length 52cm
Body Width 37-38 cm
Body Depth 19cm
Between Two Nut 61.5cm
Body Slice 19pcs.
String Pcs 12
Finish Polyester
Pegs Ebony or Rosewood
Accessory Oud Picked – Case

1. String CC
2. String GG
3. String DD
4. String AA
5. String EE
6. String CC