Syrian Oud Walnut-Linden Left Handed


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Syrian Oud Walnut-Linden Left Handed

It’s an oud model that reflects the Syrian oud tradition. It is specifically designed and produced for Left Handed people.

With a Walnut-Linden body and Spruce face combination, it offers a distinctive sound character. The Mahogany neck and Walnut or Mahogany fingerboard are designed to enhance the playing experience for comfort.

The number of strings is specified as 12, allowing for a wider range of high pitches and tonal variations. The instrument’s longevity and elegant appearance are attributed to its polyester glossy finish.

This model is meticulously crafted for musicians who appreciate the traditional Syrian oud. With its aesthetic design, quality materials, and entirely handcrafted construction, it aims to provide an enjoyable experience while playing the oud

Model Syrian Oud Left-Hand
Face Spruce
Neck Mahogany
Fingerboard Mahogany
Body Walnut-Linden
Bridge Mahogany
Nut Ebony or Boxwood
Neck at Nut Width 3.8cm
Neck at Fingerboard Width 5.8cm
Neck Length 20.5cm
Body Length 52cm
Body Width 37-38 cm
Body Depth 19cm
Between Two Nut 61.5cm
Body Slice 19pcs.
String Pcs 12
Finish Polyester
Pegs Ebony or Palisander
Accessory Oud Picks – Case

note: Designed for left handed people

Tuning Recommendations
1. String CC
2. StringGG
3. String DD
4. String AA
5. String EE
6. String CC