Staved-Body Saz Walnut Red Cedar


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Our model, specially designed for every saz enthusiast enchanted by the magic of saz music, invites you on a musical journey with its combination of Walnut body and Red Cedar face, offering a warm and captivating tone. Its warmth and character adds emotional depth to each note, enchanting listeners as you play.

The Sapelli Mahogany neck provides an excellent playing experience with its sturdy structure. Your fingertips will have the ability to express each note with this saz. The upper nut and maple bridge optimizes the tone and gives your saz an elegant appearance.

You can choose between a Polyester Matte or Gloss finish. Both finishes not only add a stylish and captivating look to your saz but also provide an extra protection against impacts and damage. With Ebony tuners you can easily achieve precise tunings and enjoy long-lasting tuning stability.

Model: Staved-Body Saz
Face: Red Cedar
Body: Walnut
Neck: Sapelli Mahogany
Finish: Polyester Matte or Glossy
Pegs: Abony
Upper-Nut: Boxwood
Bridge: Maple
Bottom-Nut: Boxwood
Body Size: Between 39-41cm