Turkish Carved-Body Divan Saz Chestnut 50cm


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Turkish Carved-Body Divan Saz Chestnut 50cm

The Divan Saz Carved Chestnut 50cm is designed to meet the expectations of professionals. The carved chestnut body has been oven-dried and air-dried for over 10 years, imparting an aesthetic appearance and a distinctive sound character to the instrument.

The neck and face (soundboard) have been carefully selected and kiln-dried for 4-5 years in order to prevent problems such as warping of the neck or sinking of the top. Hence, the likelihood of encountering such issues with this saz model is low.

Since the body dimensions are entirely hand-carved, there might be some variations in Body Size. The body size generally range from approximately 48-51cm.

The Divan Saz Carved Chestnut 45cm model is a long-necked meydan divan saz. The spruce face provides the saz with a rich and balanced sound character, while the white hornbeam neck offers a sturdy structure and a good playing experience. The fingerboard provides ease and comfort while playing.

Polyester glossy varnish enhances the saz’s appearance while providing extra protection against impacts and damages. The lower and upper nuts are made of boxwood. The tuning pegs are made of ebony or rosewood.

It’s an instrument designed to meet the needs of professional musicians. Crafted with high-quality materials and workmanship, it’s a durable and high-quality instrument.

Model Carved-body Chestnut
Face Spruce
Neck White Hornbeam
Body Carved-Body Chestnut
Body size 48-51cm
Finish Polyester
Pegs Ebony
Accessories Case

Recommended Tuning / Bozuk Düzen
1.st Alternative
Lower String F / Fa
Middle String A# / La#
Upper String D# / Re#
2.nd Alternative
Lower String F# / Fa#
Middle String B / Si
Upper String E / Mi

Package Includes
Soft Case
1 Premium Saz Strings Set