Double Neck Saz Electro + Acoustic

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The naturalness of the acoustic saz meets the dynamic features of the electric. With its dobule neck saz design, you can seamlessly transition between acoustic and electric for stage and studio, exploring a wide range of sounds from ethnic influences to modern tones.

Its elegant design, robust craftsmanship, warm-toned, durable mahogany wood material offer a combination of aesthetics and durability. Our Sapelli Mahogany Double Neck Saz model is designed to provide you with a perfect sound experience, whether you’re on stage or in the recording studio. The Double Neck Saz, a perfect synthesis of tradition and modernity, allows you to evolve your music.

Note: The acoustic saz has a short neck.

Body: Sapelli Mahogany
Neck: Sapelli Mahogany
Face: Sapelli Mahogany for the Electric Saz, Sitka Spruce for the Acoustic Saz
Bridge: Moveable Bridge for the Electric Saz, Mahogany for the Acoustic Saz
Nut: Boxwood
Finish: Matte Polyester

Body Length: 39cm
Body Width: 24-25cm
Body Depth: 7cm
Number of Strings: 6 strings for the Electric Saz, 7 strings for the Acoustic Saz

Guitar-style tuners are used, making it easier to perform fine-tuning adjustments.


Package Includes
Soft Case
Pick Wallet
String Set