Arabic Oud Walnut-Mulberry Pro.

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Arabic Oud Walnut-Mulberry Pro.

It is an oud model with standart Arabic oud dimesions, designed for intermediate and high level musicians. The carefully selected Walnut-Mulberry body produces a rich and balanced sound, while the Spruce face enhances resonance, resulting in a more impressive tonal quality. The neck, made of durable Walnut, adds to the playing comfort.

The pegs are made of Ebony or Pelisander. These hardwood materials prevent wear on the fingerboard while also minimizing the impact of temperature variations during tuning, thereby extending the lifespan of the pegs.

The body is crafted from carefully chosen woods comprising 19 slices, ensuring superior resonance and sound quality. The Arabic Oud’s glossy polyester finish not only provides protection but also offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Handcrafted and made with high-quality materials, this oud is meticulously designed to offer a rich and impressive sound experience that meets the expectations of both professional musicians and beginners in oud playing.

Model Arabic Oud
Face Spruce
Neck Walnut
Fingerboard Ebony
Body Walnut-Mulberry
Bridge Walnut or Black
Top Nut Ebony or Rosewood
Top of Neck 3.8cm
Bottom of Neck 5.8cm
Body Length 51.5cm
Body Width 37-37.5cm
Body Depth 19cm
60cm Between Two Nuts
Number of Strings 12
Polish Polyester Gloss
Pegs Ebony or Pelisander
100% Handmade.

Package Includes
1 Piece Deluxe Oud Case
5 Pieces of Oud Picks
1 Set Oud String Pro.

1. String CC
2. String GG
3. String DD
4. String AA
5. String EE
6. String CC