Arabic Oud Walnut-Mulberry Pro. 13 Strings

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Arabic Oud Walnut-Mulberry Pro. 13 Strings

— Arabic Ouds are designed for mid and high level musicians in Standard Arabic Oud sizes. The neck and the face have been dried for 2 years and have been carefully made by us.
— We used Ebony or Rosewood wood for the pegs. Since they are very hard woods, it prevents the fingerboard from wearing out during playing. During tuning, it minimizes tuning distortion in Cold-Hot environments and prolongs the service life of the pegs.
— The wood of the Body was carefully selected and made as 19 slices of wood.
— It has high sound quality.

Model Arabic Oud
Face Spruce
Neck Walnut
Fingerboard Ebony
Body Walnut-Mulberry
Bridge Walnut or Black
Top Nut Ebony or Rosewood
Top of Neck 3.8cm
Bottom of Neck 5.8cm
Body Length 51.5cm
Body Width 37-37.5cm
Body Depth 19cm
60cm Between Two Nuts
Polish Gloss Polyester
Pegs 13 Pegs
Number of Strings 13
Pegs Ebony or Rosewood
100% Handmade.

Package Includes
1 Piece Deluxe Oud Case
5 Pieces of Oud Picks
1 Set Oud String Pro.

1. String EE
2. String BB
3. String FF
4. String CC
5. String GG
6. String DD
7. String E
2. Alternative
1. String DD
2. String AA
3. String EE
4. String BB
5. String FF
6. String CC
7. String D
Recommended Body Lengths Are Between 50-52cm. 60cm Between Nuts