Arabic Oud Besir Maple-Walnut Pro.

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Arabic Oud Besir Maple-Walnut Pro.
— Arabic Ouds are designed in Standart Arabic Oud sizes for mid and high level musicians. The neck and the face have been dried for 2 years and have been carefully handcrafted.
— There are two options avaliable for the pegs: Ebony or Rosewood. They are very hard woods, and they prevent the fingerboard from wearing out during playing. Additionaly, during tuning, it minimizes tuning distortion in cold-hot environments and prolongs the service life of the pegs.
— The wood of the Body was carefully selected and made as 19 slices of wood.
— It has high sound quality.

Model Arabic Oud Besir
Face Spruce
Neck Maple
Fingerboard Ebony
Body Maple-Walnut
Bridge Black or Walnut
Top Nut Ebony or Rosewood
Top of Neck 3.8cm
Bottom of Neck 5.8cm
Body Length 51.5cm
Body Width 37-37.5cm
Body Depth 19cm
60cm Between Two Nuts
Number of Strings 12
Polish Gloss Polyester
Pegs Ebony or Rosewood
100% Handmade.

Package Includes
1 Piece Deluxe Oud Case
5 Pieces of Oud Picks
1 Set Oud String Pro.

1. String CC
2. String GG
3. String DD
4. String AA
5. String EE
6. String CC
Recommended Body Lengths Are Between 50-52cm. 60cm Between Two Nuts