Turkish Saz Student Fingerboard


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Turkish Saz Student Fingerboard

This is the top model among student baglamas. It has been specially designed to meet students’ expectations and nurture their passion for music. To minimize wear on the neck, a walnut fingerboard has been added to the front of the neck.

It features  cherry, mulberry and various woods in the construction of the body. The face and neck are made from carefully selected materials and have been kiln-dried for 3-4 years and crafted by hand. This process ensures the instrument’s durability and longevity. Issues like face or neck warping are not experienced within 2-3 years.

There are two different cage models on the top and bottom of the instrument, allowing you to achieve various sounds.

The Hornbeam neck provides a solid grip, and the walnut fingerboard offers a more comfortable playing experience.

It has a Spruce Face and a body made from various woods. The Hornbeam neck provides a solid grip and an excellent playing experience. The varnish finish both protects your instrument and adds an aesthetic shine. The Hornbeam tuners offer easy and precise tuning possibilities. With a body length ranging from 38 to 40 cm, it provides comfortable playability and allows for creative musical expression.

Both long and short neck options are available. Don’t forget to specify your preference when placing your order.

Model Staved-Body Saz
Face Spruce
Body Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry Various
Neck Hornbeam
Neck Back
Fingerboard Mahogany
Finish Varnish
Pegs Hornbeam
Up Nut Boxwood
Bottom Nut Boxwood
Body Length 38-40cm Between
Accessories Case
Note: Both Long and Short Neck options are avaliable