Turkish Oud Linden


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Turkish Oud Linden

The Linden Turkish Oud is a model that stands out for its high sound quality.

The oven-dried spruce face helps achieve excellent sound projection and rich tones. The neck is made of mahogany material, providing a solid structure and a stable feel while playing. The fingerboard is also made of mahogany, allowing your fingers to move easily and providing precise control.

The Linden-flotated body creates warm tones and constitutes one of the instrument’s elegant details, while the plexiglass rosette ensures durability. The mahogany bridge ensures excellent sound transfer where the strings connect to the body.

The ebony or pelisander upper nut contributes to tone control and accurate intonation. With a fingerboard width of 3.8 cm on the upper part and 5.8 cm on the lower part of the neck, it offers comfort and ergonomics while playing. The instrument’s dimensions are set with a neck length of 19.5 cm, a body length of 49.5 cm, a body width of 36-37 cm, and a body depth of 18 cm. The distance between the two nuts is 58.5 cm.

The body consists of carefully crafted 21 slices made of high-quality wood. Its structure with 11 strings allows access to a wide range of tones. The glossy polyester polish not only protects the instrument but also adds visual appeal. You can achieve durable tuning with ebony or pelisander pegs.

This Turkish Oud, completely handmade, is crafted with the meticulous workmanship of our artisans.

Model Turkish Oud
Fingerboard Mahogany
Body Linden
Rosette Plexy
Up Nut Ebony or Palisander
Neck of up 3.8cm / Neck of bottom 5.8cm
Neck Length: 19.5 cm
Body Lenght: 49.5cm
Body Width 36-37cm / Body Depth 18cm
Between two nuts 58.5cm
Body Slice 21pcs.
String Pcs 11
Pegs Ebony or Palisander
Finish Polyester
Accessuary Case, pick

Tunning Recommendations
1. String GG
2. String DD
3. String AA
4. String EE
5. String BB
6. String F#
2. Alternative
1. String DD
2. String AA
3. String EE
4. String BB
5. String F#F#
6. String DD