Turkish Oud Walnut-Mulberry Bridge-Pickup


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Turkish Oud Walnut-Mulberry Under Bridge Pickup

It is a Turkish Oud designed for stage performances. Its UnderBridge Pickup system enables the natural acoustic sound of the oud to be utilized on stage without distortion.

The face is made from spruce wood, providing rich sound output. The neck is crafted from walnut wood, ensuring a robust structure. The fingerboard is made from ebony, offering a sturdy and durable surface.

The body section is crafted from walnut-dut combination, offering a rich and balanced sound character. The plexiglass rosette enhances durability.

The width of the neck at the top is 3.8cm, and at the bottom, it is 5.8cm. The neck length is 19.5cm, body length is 49.5cm, body width ranges between 36-37cm, and body depth is 18cm. The distance between the two nuts is 58.5cm.

The instrument features 11 strings. It has a glossy polyester finish, ensuring protection and an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the instrument’s surface. The tuning pegs can be selected in ebony or pelisander

The instrument comes with the Artec PP637B EşikAltı system magnetically. This feature allows the instrument to be connected to an electronic amplifier for stage performances.

This electro Turkish Oud is 100% handmade, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship and quality.

Model Turkish Oud
Fingerboard Ebony
Body Mulberry-Walnut
Rosette Plexy
Up Nut Ebony or Palisender
Neck of up 3.8cm / Neck of bottom 5.8cm
Neck Length: 19.5 cm
Body Lenght: 49.5cm
Body Width 36-37cm / Body Depth 18cm
Between two Bridges 58.5cm
Body Slice 21pcs.
String Pcs 11
Pegs Ebony
Finish Polyester
Accessuaries Case, pick

Tunning Recommendations
1. String GG
2. String DD
3. String AA
4. String EE
5. String BB
6. String F#
2. Alternative
1. String DD
2. String AA
3. String EE
4. String BB
5. String F#F#
6. String D