Turkish Kemane String Ball-End


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KT3C20S Turkish Kemane Strings Ball-End
Professional Kemane Strings ball-and. Bams are made with Shaved Chrome. Suitable for both Wood and Squash Kemane’s

Package Includes

1. String 0.20 Premium Steel Ball-End String
2. String 0.30 Premium Steel Ball-End String
3. String 0.44 Shaved Chrome Plated Ball-End String
4. String 0.54 Shaved ChromePlated Ball- End String

Sold as a set.

Tuning  Recommendations

1. Alternative
1.String Re / D
2.String La / A
3.String Re / D
4.String La / G
2. Alternative
1.String Fa / F
2.String Do / C
3.String Fa / F
4.String La# / A#