Iraq Oud Walnut-Mahogany


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Iraq Oud Walnut-Mahogany

Irak Oud Walnut- Mahogany is an instrument that offers musicians a unique experience. This oud model is especially designed for musicians who perform Iraqi style oud music. The Mahogany and Walnut body is meticulously selected to produce the highest quality of tones, while the Spruce top contributes to a rich and warm tonality.

The use of Mahogany for the neck and Walnut for the fingerboard is crucial for durability and ease of play. The distance between the two frets and the width of the fingerboard facilitate comfortable access to the notes, aiding musicians in effortless playing.

The number of strings can vary between 11 or 12, depending on the musician’s preference. The acoustic properties and tension of the strings significantly impact the instrument’s tone, enabling precise sound production during play.

Ebony or Pelisander pegs assist in precise tuning and help maintain the instrument’s tuning stability for an extended duration during play.

The Iraqi Oud is entirely handmade. It’s an excellent choice for expressing your music and establishing a connection with traditional Iraqi music.

Model Iraq Oud
Body Walnut-Mahogany
Face Spruce
Neck Mahogany
Fingerboard Walnut
Up Nut Palisander
Neck of top 3.8cm / Neck of bottom 5.8cm
Neck Length: 19.5 cm
Body Lenght: 49.5cm
Body Width 36-37cm / Body Depth 18cm
Between two nuts 58.5cm
Body Slice 19pcs.
String Pcs 11
Pegs Ebony
Finish Polyester
accessory: Case, picks, strings set

Tuning Recommendations
1.  String GG
2. String DD
3. String AA
4. String EE
5. String BB
6. String F#F#
2. Alternative
1.  String DD
2. String AA
3. String EE
4. String BB
5. String F#F#
6. String D#D#