Turkish Flat Electro Saz Mahogany Guitar Tuners 4 Str.


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Turkish Flat Electro Saz Mahogany Guitar Tuners 4 Str.

This instrument is designed to standard flat electro-saz dimensions and maintains the natural tone of an acoustic electro-saz. This model is equipped with fine tuners that facilitate fine-tuning during saz setup.

The neck is of standard dimensions, ensuring comfort during play and allowing for smooth pick strokes.

It is an excellent choice for professional stage performances. With a combination of sapelli mahogany top, neck, and body, it delivers rich and warm tones. The mother of pearl dots keyboard offers an aesthetic appearance and guides finger positions.

The polyester glossy finish preserves the instrument’s appearance while providing protection against impacts. Guitar tuner pegs make tuning easier and more precise. Ebony or boxwood can be used for the upper nut.

Other features of the saz include a 38 cm body length, 8 finer tuners, 8 strings, and 23 frets. This model has 8 strings and 4 rows, allowing you to work in a wider tonal range and express your music. The tunable not enables easy transitions between different keys.

It comes equipped with a magnetic pickup system. The special magnetic pickup used in this instrument is the Artec HXBB.

The Artec HXBB magnetic pickup is known for its high-quality sound production and sensitivity. It accurately captures the subtleties and tonal qualities of the saz, providing a clear and balanced amplified sound.

There are 4 switches and 3 controls in the Electro Saz. The controls are designed to control 2 tones and 1 volume.


Volume Control: 1

Tone Control: 2

  1. Neck Pickup Tone
  2. Bridge Pickup Tone


  1. Neck Upper Pickup Switch
  2. Neck Lower Pickup Switch
  3. Bridge Upper Pickup Switch
  4. Bridge Lower Pickup Switch

It is an electro-saz model designed for professional users that want to preserve the natural sound of the saz. It is crafted with high-quality materials and workmanship, ensuring a long-lasting instrument experience.”

Model Electro Saz
Face Sapalli Mahogany
Body Sapalli Mahogany
Neck Sapalli Mahogany
Fingerboard Mother of Pearl Dots
Finish Gloss Polyester
Pegs Guitar Tuners
Up Nut Ebony
Bottom Nut Tuneable nut
Body Length 38cm
Body Width 24cm
Body Depth 7
Fix 8 Pcs.
String Pcs. 8 Pcs.
Fret Pcs. 23
Magnetic Artec Striped Magnetics
Accessories Case

Tuning and String Order

1st Row
2 pcs 0.20 Stainless Steel String
2nd Row
2pcs 0.30 Stainless Steel String
3th Row
1pcs 0.20 Stainles Steel String
1pcs Thin Bam String
4th Row
1pcs Thin Bam String
1pcs Thick Bam String

Tuning Order
1. String Si / B
2. String Fa# / F#
3. String Si / B
4. String La / A