Turkish Divan Saz Strings 0.25


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Divan Saz Strings Standard 0.25
It was made up of stainless steel. It is of high quality. tuning gravity is pretty high and it gives a soft tone. You can use it longer than other strings
The Body is Suitable for Divan Saz with 47-51cm Lengths.
Set Contains
Down Strings
2 Pcs 0.22 Stainless Steel Strings
1 SilverPlated Bam String Slim
Middle Strings
2 Pcs 0.32 Stainless Steel Strings
1 Pcs Bam Bam SilverPlated Strings
Top Strings
1 Pcs 0.22 Stainless Steel String
1 Pcs SilverPlated Bam String Thick
Long Neck / Bozuk Dozen
1. Alternative
1.Strings   F / Fa
2.Strings   A# / La#
3.Strings   D# / Re#
2. Alternative
1.Strings   F# / Fa#
2.Strings   B / Si
3.Strings   E / Mi