Turkish Cura Strings 0.18 +Bam


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CTB18C Cura String s0.18 with Bam String
Standard 1 Set of Cura Saz String.  Recommended Body Lengths are between 22-29cm. This string is the perfect string for professional musicians. It is made of high quality stainless steel. The tuning is quite high and has a soft sound. Its usage time is quite long compared to other strings. The extra Bam String included in the package adds a different sound to the cura.

Package Includes
Bottom Strings
2 pcs of 0.18 Steel Strings
Middle Strings
2 Pieces 0.28 Steel Strings
Top Strings
2 Pieces of 0.18 Steel Strings

1 Extra Bam String

Recommended Tuning / Body Length 22-25cm
1. Alternative
Bottom String Si / B
Middle String Mi/E
Top String La/A

2. Alternative
Bottom Wire Do/C
Middle String Fa/F
Top String La# / A#