Arabic Electro Oud Silent Maple 13 Strings


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Arabic Electro Oud Silent Maple 13 Strings
Slient Electro oud was designed in Standard Arabic Oud sizes for professionals, and it has acoustic tone. It is a stage oud.Due to its equipment on it, It has been designed as a stage instrument without distorting the natural acoustic voice. Glossy polish on it prevents damage. It has high quality voice on amphlifier
Model Silent Elektro Ud
Body Maple
Neck Maple
Fingerboard Ebony
Bridge Black
Nut Bone or Ebony
Neck of up 4.2cm / Neck of bottom 6.3cm
Neck Length: 20cm
Body Lenght: 52cm
Body Width 36-37cm
Body Depth 2.5cm
Between two Bridges 60cm
Strings 13
Finish Polyester
Pegs Ebony or Palisander
Magnetic Artec PP637B
EQ Fishman PSY 201
Accesorry Soft Case,