Turkish Staved-Body Divan Saz Mahogany Red Cedar 50cm


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Turkish Staved-Body Divan Saz Mahogany Red Cedar 50cm

Turkish Staved-Body Divan Saz Mahogany Red Cedar 50cm is a staved-body mahogany divan saz designed to meet professional expectations. The neck and face (soundboard) have been meticulously chosen and crafted. It’s a professional instrument that allows you to perform regional and tetrachordal works with its rich sound and smooth playability. It’s designed to be equipped with an under-bridge pickup or an equalizer. It employs a double cage structure.

The model is designed with a long neck. The Red Cedar face enriches the instrument with a rich and deep sound character. The mahogany body shapes the quality and character of the saz’s sound. The neck is made of Hornbeam, making it easy and comfortable to play. The mother-of-pearl dots fingerboard guides your finger positions and facilitates your playing experience.

Polyester glossy varnish adds elegance to your saz while providing extra protection against impacts and damages. Ebony or boxwood pegs help you make precise tuning adjustments. The top nut and middle nut are made of boxwood. The top nut is a crucial factor influencing sound transmission and your tone, while the middle nut helps control the vibrations of the sound.

The body length is between 48-51 cm. It comes with a standard of 23 frets, but if desired, you can increase the number of frets.

This staved-bodied divan saz model is designed to meet the needs of professional musicians. Crafted with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, it provides a long-lasting and high-quality instrument experience. With its characteristic sound, it will accompany you in traditional music and various music projects.

Model Divan Saz
Face Red Cedar
Body Mahogany
Neck Hornbeam
Finish Polyester
Pegs Ebony & Palisander
Up Nut Boxwood
Bottom Nut Boxwood
Body Length 48-51cm

Tuning Recommendations  / Bozuk Düzen
1.st Alternative 
Lower String F / Fa
Middle String A# / La#
Upper String D# / Re#
2.nd Alternative
Lower String F# / Fa#
Middle String B / Si
Upper String E / Mi

Package Includes
Soft Case
Strings Set