Turkish Cura Staved-Body Walnut Matte


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Turkish Cura Staved-Body Walnut Matte

It is a special instrument designed to meet the expectations of professional musicians. The instrument is meticulously crafted using carefully selected walnut wood, allowing for an exceptional sound quality to be achieved.

The staved-body Cura model boasts an elegant and aesthetic design. The spruce face provides rich tones to the instrument, while the maple neck stands out for its robustness and durability. This combination delivers a high-quality sound experience.

The body section is crafted from meticulously processed walnut wood and ranges in size from 26 to 29 cm. This size offers a comfortable playing experience while optimizing the instrument’s sound.

The instrument’s finish is a polyester matte varnish. It provides a natural and stylish appearance to the instrument while offering extra protection against glare and damage. Your instrument not only delivers quality sound but also completes your stage presence.

The nut and bridge are made of boxwood, enhancing the instrument’s sound quality and durability. Ebony or pelisander pegs enable easy and precise tuning.

With 23 frets and a long neck, it allows access to a wide range of notes. Being a 6-string instrument, it provides more options while playing and enhances your musical expression.

Accessories include a carrying case, pick, and a set of strings.

The Staved-Body Cura Walnut is an instrument that combines high-quality materials meticulously. This instrument, ideal for professional musicians, stands out for its excellent sound quality and aesthetic design.

Model Staved-Body
Face Spruce
Neck Hornbeam
Body Walnut
Body Length 25-28cm
Finish Polyester Matte
UP Nut Boxwood
Bottom Nut Boxwood
Pegs Hornbeam
Accessuaries Case, Pick

Recommended Tuning/ Bozuk Düzen
1. Alternative
Lower String La# / A#
Middle String Re# / D#
Upper String Sol# / G#
2. Alternative
Lower String Si / B
Middle String Mi / E
Upper String La / A