Turkish Cura Staved-Body Juniper Red Cedar


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Turkish Cura Staved-Body Juniper Red Cedar

It is an instrument meticulously crafted to meet the expectations of professionals. Juniper bodies have been carefully selected and seasoned for at least 10 years.

The instrument’s neck and face materials have been meticulously chosen and seasoned for about 4 to 5 years. This has given the neck and face a stable structure, maintaining its performance as it’s played.

With a double-cage structure, the instrument yields a richer tone and increased resonance.

The face part is made from top-quality Sitka Spruce wood. The neck is crafted from maple wood. The keyboard is embellished with black dot mother-of-pearl inlays, allowing for more comfortable finger placement while playing.

The body is made from juniper wood. The body’s dimensions range between 26-29 cm. The instrument’s finish is a glossy polyester coat, providing an elegant appearance while offering extra protection against damage and impact.

The top nut is made of boxwood, the bottom nut is black, and the middle nut is made of maple wood. Ebony is used for the tuning pegs. The instrument features 23 frets and is a long-neck model, with a total of 6 strings.

Model Staved-Body
Face Red Cedar
Neck Maple
Body Juniper
Body Length 26-29cm
Finish Polyester
UP Nut Boxwood
Bottom Nut Black
Pegs Ebony
Strings 6
Fret 23
Accessuaries Case, Pick

Recommended Tuning/ Bozuk Düzen
1. Alternative
Lower String La# / A#
Middle String Re# / D#
Upper String Sol# / G#
2. Alternative
Lower String Si / B
Middle String Mi / E
Upper String La / A