Turkish Oud Mahogany


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Turkish Oud Mahogany

It is a musical instrument that stands out with its high sound quality and meticulously crafted design. It has been produced with specially selected materials and careful workmanship. The body is made of  mahogany wood, while the neck is crafted from mahogany, ensuring a durable and sturdy build. The face, oven-dried spruce, delivers a rich and impressive sound.

You can choose between ebony or pelisander for the fingerboard, allowing for a comfortable playing experience and facilitating free movement of the fingers while playing. The upper nut is also made of ebony or pelisander, offering precise control.

The neck length is 19.5 cm, the body length is 49.5 cm, the body width is 36-37 cm, and the body depth is 18 cm. The distance between the two nuts is 58.5 cm. The body comprises a total of 21 slices, making it easier to achieve the desired harmony while playing.

The glossy polyester finish not only protects the instrument but also presents an attractive visual appearance. You have the option to choose between ebony or pelisander for the tuning pegs.

The Turkish Oud Mahogany is a completely handmade instrument that carries the rich tradition of Turkish music. The combination of high sound quality, quality materials, and meticulous craftsmanship offers musicians and music enthusiasts a top-notch performance and an enjoyable experience.

Model Turkish Oud
Fingerboard Ebony or Palisander
Body Mahogany
Rosette Plexy
Up Nut Ebony or Palisander
Neck of up 3.8cm / Neck of bottom 5.8cm
Neck Length: 19.5 cm
Body Lenght: 49.5cm
Body Width 36-37cm / Body Depth 18cm
Between two Bridges 58.5cm
Body Slice 21pcs.
String Pcs 11
Pegs Ebony or Palisander
Finish Polyester
Accessuary Case, pick

Tunning Recommendations
1. String GG
2. String DD
3. String AA
4. String EE
5. String BB
6. String F#
2. Alternative
1. String DD
2. String AA
3. String EE
4. String BB
5. String F#F#
6. String DD