Turkish Oud Ebony-Olive


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Turkish Oud Ebony-Olive

Turkish Oud Ebony-Olive is a professional Turkish Oud renowned for its high-quality sound. This model is specifically designed for professional musicians.

Crafted from oven-dried spruce wood, the face produces a rich tone. Ebony or pelisander are used for the fingerboard, providing options for preference.

The body section is made from ebony and olive wood, offering a rich, balanced sound character. The plexiglass section serves as the rosette.

The upper nut section is made of Bone optimizing sound transmission. The neck width is 3.8cm at the top and 5.8cm at the bottom.

The instrument’s neck length is 19.5cm, body length is 49.5cm, body width ranges between 36-37cm, and body depth is 18cm. The distance between the two nuts is 58.5cm.

The body consists of 21 pieces made from wood. It has a total of 11 strings.

It features a glossy polyester finish, ensuring protection and an aesthetic appeal to the instrument’s surface. The tuning pegs can be selected in ebony or boxwood.

This Turkish Oud is 100% handmade, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship and quality.

Model Turkish Oud
Body Ebony-Olive
Face Spruce
Fingerboard Ebony or Palisander
Rosette Plexy
Up Nut Bone
Neck of up 3.8cm / Neck of bottom 5.8cm
Neck Length: 19.5 cm
Body Lenght: 49.5cm
Body Width 36-37cm / Body Depth 18cm
Between two Bridges 58.5cm
Body Slice 21pcs.
String Pcs 11
Pegs Ebony or Palisander
Finish Polyester
Accessuaries : Case, picks, string set

Tunning Recommendations
1. String GG
2. String DD
3. String AA
4. String EE
5. String BB
6. String F#
2. Alternative
1. String DD
2. String AA
3. String EE
4. String BB
5. String F#F#
6. String D