Turkish Cura Carved Body Chestnut Matte


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Turkish Cura Carved Body Chestnut Matte

Mat Finish Carved Chestnut Cura is specially crafted with specific features.

The chestnut body provides a natural appearance and a warm tonality. With a spruce face, it assists in achieving a rich and balanced sound. The maple neck ensures a sturdy grip while playing and offers comfort.

The instrument’s matte finish gives it an elegant and natural appearance, preventing excessive shine. Ebony nut and saddle contribute to a clear sound quality. Additionally, the hornbeam pegs facilitate tuning adjustments, enhancing durability. Its 23 frets and long neck cater to musicians’ needs. This carved chestnut cura is an excellent choice for musicians seeking an instrument with specific qualities.

Face Spruce
Neck Hornbeam
Body Chestnut
Finish Polyester Matte
Pegs Hornbeam
UP Nut Boxwood
Bottom Nut Boxwood
Body Length: 23-26cm

Recommended Tuning/ Bozuk Düzen
1. Alternative
Lower String La# / A#
Middle String Re# / D#
Upper String Sol# / G#
2. Alternative
Lower String Si / B
Middle String Mi / E
Upper String La / A