Carved-Body Mulberry Kopuz Red Cedar 5 Str. 36cm


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Carved-Body Mulberry Kopuz Red Cedar 5 Str. 36cm

The Carved Mulberry Dede Saz is an instrument favored by professional musicians. Crafted from carefully selected carved mulberry wood, the neck and face parts have been specially dried for five years, while the body section has undergone meticulous three-year drying. This meticulous craftsmanship enhances the instrument’s durability and quality.

The Dede Saz/Long Neck model features an elongated neck design. It employs first-class Red Cedar for the face, while the body is crafted from carved mulberry wood. The neck is made of sapelli mahogany material. Ebony or pelisander tuning peg options are available for adjusting your saz to your preferences.

Its 5-string and 23-fret structure offer rich tones and melodic versatility. The size of the saz is 36cm.

The silk matte finish contributes to the saz’s longevity while providing an elegant appearance.

The Carved Mulberry Dede Saz provides you with a professional music experience. It allows you to express yourself and create unique melodies. It’s an instrument that will inspire you and elevate your excitement on your musical journey.

Model Carved-Body Mulberry Kopuz ( Dede, Kopuz, Ruzba )
Body Carved-Body Mulberry
Face Red Cedar
Neck Mahogany – Long Neck
Body Length 36cm
Up Nut Boxwood or Ebony
Bottom Nut Boxwood
Pegs Ebony or Palisander
Fret 23 Pcs
Strings 5 Pcs
Finish Polyester Matte
Accessuaries Case, Strings