Carved-Body Mulberry Kopuz Red Cedar 3 Str. 26cm


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Carved-Body Mulberry Kopuz Red Cedar 3 Str. 26cm

This model stands out as a professional choice among professionals. Crafted from carefully selected carved mulberry wood, this instrument is manufactured using a specially dried neck and face over a period of 5 years. The body has been meticulously dried for 3 years.

This model is a long-necked Dede Saz. It features a top made of 1st class Red Cedar and the body is crafted from carved mulberry wood. The neck is made from sapelli mahogany material. The options of ebony or pelisander tuning pegs provide an elegant look to the saz, aiding in easier tuning.

With its 23 frets and 3 strings, it offers a variety of melodies.

The saz’s body size is 26 cm. Its silk matte finish ensures durability for long-term use while providing an elegant appearance to the saz.

Model Carved-Body Mulberry Kopuz ( Dede, Kopuz, Ruzba )
Body Carved-Body Mulberry
Face Red Cedar
Neck Mahogany – Long Neck
Body Length 26cm
Up Nut Boxwood or Ebony
Bottom Nut Boxwood
Pegs Ebony or Palisander
Fret 23 Pcs
Strings 3 Pcs
Finish Polyester Matte
Accessuaries Case, Strings