Turkish Flat Saz Mahogany Guitar Tuners Dinc Model


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Turkish Flat Saz Mahogany Guitar Tuners Dinc Model

FS1MD Flat Saz Mahogany Guitar Tuners Dinc Model is the electro-acoustic version of a flat acoustic saz that preserves the natural acoustic tone. It has been designed with a flat body structure for stage use.

With its flat body and electro features, this instrument allows you to shine on stage while preserving natural acoustic sound. You can perform music in various styles and express your creativity with this instrument.

It features a combination of spruce face and mahogany body. The addition of a mahogany neck and guitar tuners enhances the instrument’s durability and ease of play. Guitar tuners enable easier and finer tuning compared to regular tuners. The polyester glossy finish gives the instrument a rich and vibrant appearance.

The saz has a body length of 42cm and a height of 7cm, showcasing a compact design. The Artec Pickup  allows you to use it on stage without compromising the natural acoustic sound.

Accessories include a case, picks, and a string set. These accessories help protect your saz and provide you with what you need to start playing.

Available as short neck.

Model Flat Saz Dinç Model
Face Spruce
Body Mahogany
Neck Mahogany
Body Lenght: 42cm
Body Width 24cm
Body Depth 7cm
Finish Polyester Glossy
Pegs Guitar Tuners
Magnetic Artec PP371 Pickup
Accessories Case
Note: It is produced as short neck only.