Turkish Electro Saz Black Extra


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Turkish Electro Saz Black Extra
Due to its Gloss Polyester, it prevents Saz from corruption. Neck is standart in size, it doesnt tire the hand. Plectrums are quite soft.
Model Electro Saz
Face Solid Wood – With Extra Inlay
Body Thin Slice Black
Neck Hornbeam / Oven-Dried
Back of Neck Clove Inlay Lacquer
Fingerboard Mother of Pearl Inlay
Finish Gloss Polyester
Tuners Ebony & Palisender
Upper Nut Ebony
Nut Tunable Nut
Body Length 38cm
Fix 6 pcs
Strings 6 pcs
Fret 23
Magnetic Artec Striped Magnetics
Accesuarry Case, String, Saz Pick with Wallet