Arabic Oud Walnut-Iroko Besir


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Arabic Oud Walnut-Iroko Besir

This enstrument has been specially designed for intermediate and advanced level musicians, adhering to the standard measurements of the Arabic Oud. Both the neck and the face have been meticulously selected and undergone a special two-year drying process. The body of the oud is made using 19 slices of specially chosen walnut and iroko woods.

The mahogany fingerboard helps prevent wear during play. Known for its robust nature, these qualities minimize wear and tear on the fingerboard during play. Ebony or pelisander pegs reduce the effects of temperature variations during tuning, thereby ensuring more stable tuning for longer periods, enhancing the instrument’s durability. The glossy polyester finish aids in protecting the instrument while adding an attractive shine.

Arabic Ouds stand out due to their meticulous craftsmanship, careful material selection, and precise manufacturing processes. These instruments are designed to meet the expectations of intermediate and advanced musicians in terms of sound quality, durability, and performance. The Arabic Oud, with every detail meticulously handled, will transform your music into a deeper and richer experience.

Model Arabic Oud
Face Spruce
Neck Mahogany
Fingerboard Walnut
Body Walnut – Iroko
Bridge Mahogany
Nut Palisander
Neck at Nut Width 3.8cm
Neck at Fingerboard Width 5.8cm
Neck Length 20cm
Body Length 51.5cm
Body Width 37-37.5 cm
Body Deep 19cm
Between Two Nut 60cm
Body Slice 19pcs.
String Pcs 12
Finish Polyester
Pegs Ebony-Palisander
Accessory Oud Pick – Case

Tunning Recommendation
1.  String CC
2. String GG
3. String DD
4. String AA
5. StringEE
6. String CC