Turkish Saz Staved-Body Mahogany Body 42cm


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Turkish Saz Staved-Body Mahogany Body 42cm
With its full sound and low action, this is a professional saz, in between bağlama and divan saz in size and thus suitable for various regional styles.
The face is of high quality Sitka spruce; the neck and face are handcrafted from wood that has been aged 4-5 years.
With a 42 cm body, it is available in long and short versions. There are two sound
holes, one on the end and one on top, which may be opened or closed as desired.
Designed to take undersaddle bridge pickups and equalizer.
Model Staved Saz.
Face Sitka Spruce
Body Mahogany
Neck Hornbeam with mother-of-pearl edging
Fingerboard With mother-of-pearl dots
Varnish Glossy polyester
Pegs Ebony, Palisander
Nut: Boxwood / Bridge Maple / End Nut: Boxwood
Body Size 42cm
Accessories Soft case


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