Company aims to be best for meeting the customer’s expectations that this are continuity, consistent, custome-driven.

We do motivate our employees with a competent leader and we do contribute stalwortly for realized corporate goals.

Our employees join the development of corporate strategy and they determine corporate goals as if personel goals and therefore they make a decision, they use our potential of personel growth for company progress.

For decrease the mistakes and lower the cost, we make possible to choose superordinate goals with composed knowledge in the company and to reach planned results in all processing and to guarantee efficient usage of relevont literature.

We always prefer teamwork by assimilating succes regulary and by coordinating all of employees and their responsibility.

Through compounding planned of strtegy with continuous improvement, we create realist, quantifiable and high goals, in this way Works are beneficial to system recovery, products and process.

We decide realistically and confidingly depending on datas of coporate strategy and experienced facts.

Company assimilates based on the principal of benefits connections together jobber and suppliers, and company develops with own jobber and their authorisations.

They company aims to achieve the above by implementing a management system that complies with the international Standard of good practice ISO 9001:2008.

The policy, organisation and procedures necessary to achieve the required standartsa re described in our Quality Managment System.

General Director

Hasan Sarikaya